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Attorneys Protecting Your Elderly Loved Ones from Harm

It is estimated that more than a million elders will face some sort of abuse each year, and at least 10% of those cases originate in assisted living facilities. When nursing homes take advantage of those under their care and fail to fulfill their duties as caretakers, it is often up to family members of the elder to take action.

At Burnham Law Group, our South Jersey nursing home abuse lawyers proudly take up the mantle as defenders of the elderly and representatives of families in dire situations. Contact our team today to learn how we can help you seek justice and compensation through a lawsuit.

Spotting Different Forms of Nursing Home Abuse

Elders placed in assisted living facilities can face a variety of perils if the staff is negligent or intentionally harmful. In many cases, elders are too intimidated to speak up, or do not believe that their cries for help will be taken seriously.

For this reason, it is so important for family members to know the different forms of nursing home abuse, keep an eye out for the warning signs, and take appropriate action if their suspicions arise to fear.

Some of the most common types of nursing home and elder abuse are:

  • Financial: Elders who want to help spread some charity in their golden year may be easily exploited by orderlies who want to make an extra dollar. Financial abuse can take the form of stealing money out of purses and wallets, or by convincing an elder to write a check in their name. Family members should monitor an elder’s financial accounts to watch for odd expenditures.
  • Neglect: Absentminded, lazy, or neglectful orderlies and caretakers can cause an elder to suffer several health problems, including malnutrition, dehydration, bedsores, and improper medication dosages. A family member may be able to spot the signs of neglect if their elderly loved one has unexplained health problems, or if the condition of the nursing home overall is lacking.
  • Sexual: An elder who has experienced sexual abuse in a nursing home is unlikely to speak up about it, as they may be both frightened and ashamed. Uncharacteristic mood swings, depression, and intentionally avoiding one orderly in particular can all be telltale signs that sexual abuse or something similar has occurred.

How to React to Nursing Home Abuse

You will need to choose how to react when you suspect nursing home abuse, depending on the severity of the harm. In incidents where the issue may be minor, you may simply want to talk to your elder to see if you can get to the truth and see if they would like you to talk to nursing home management.

If there is clear and apparent danger present, you should take steps to remove your elder from the nursing home as soon as possible, notify the police, and, once you have a chance, call an attorney.

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Burnham Law Group firmly believes in the importance of protecting elders in any way possible. We also know that justice is best paired with fair and maximized compensation to help bring you and your elder peace of mind.

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