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If you have decided to relocate with your child, you are required to receive approval from the court before relocating. The relocation must be for a valid reason (such as for a new job), and you must provide advanced notice if you are moving a considerable distance from the non-custodial parent.

Whatever you do, avoid making the move without contacting the other parent and without notifying the court. This could put you in trouble. Talk to our South Jersey relocation attorneys to learn more about how you should approach your relocation, and what you need to do to seek approval.

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Valid Reasons for Parental Relocation

As long as you are not relocating solely to sever contact with your child’s other parent or to prevent him or her from seeing your child, then there is a chance the court may grant your relocation.

The courts will consider the following factors when deciding whether to approve a relocation:

  • If the parent’s reason for relocation is sound – such as for a new job, remarriage, military obligations, etc.
  • How the move will affect the child and his or her best interests
  • How the move will affect the child’s relationship with the other parent and relatives
  • How the move will affect child visitation
  • The distance from the non-custodial parent

In relocation cases, you are required to make arrangements for visitation and resolve who will shoulder the costs for these visits. It is better to take care of matters like these now rather than wait for a dispute to arise. There is a lot to consider in parental relocation cases, so it is important that you prepare your petition carefully and thoroughly with the help of our team.

Relocation Disputes

If you are a parent who is contesting the relocation of your child, we can also work to provide fair and reasonable solutions to your relocation dispute. Our lead attorney is a Certified Mediator who knows how to handle contested family law matters. Our goal is always to settle cases in a manner that is amicable and to everyone’s satisfaction.

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