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Whether you are a parent who is facing a divorce or you are a single parent looking to protect your child’s best interests, you need a family law attorney on your side. In New Jersey, parents who are seeking to share custody or to obtain visitation rights must establish a court-approved parenting plan. Parents might also seek to protect their children from being visited by an abusive parent by fighting for a denial of visitation rights. No matter what case you are facing, Burnham Law Group can help!

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Visitation Rights

If the court designates you as the non-custodial parent, what are your visitation rights? Both you and the other parent must work out a visitation schedule, which lays out the specific times you can visit your children. Otherwise, the court will have to determine a schedule it deems appropriate. Discuss your child visitation goals with our South Jersey visitation lawyer and find out more about ways you can protect your rights either as a custodial or non-custodial parent.

Common visitation plans in New Jersey include the following:

  • Providing the non-custodial parent with visitation every other weekend.
  • Providing the non-custodial parent with visitation one night a week.
  • Or with shared parenting, dividing the time up between parents as close to equal as possible.

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Court-Ordered Supervision

In some instances, you may only be allowed to visit with your children while being monitored (called “supervised visitation”).

You may be forced to comply with supervised visitation if:

  • You have a history of child abuse
  • You have medical disabilities
  • You have psychiatric problems
  • You have any issues that could jeopardize the safety/welfare of the children

If the custodial parent fails to comply with an established visitation schedule, he/she can be held in contempt of court. He/she can then be sanctioned (or punished) by the court and forced to pay a fine. If there is a pattern of the visitation schedule being violated, the court can transfer custody to the parent being denied visitation rights.

Can My Children Refuse to See Me?

New Jersey ensures that minor children have frequent and continuing contact with both parents. The older your children, however, the more their preferences will be considered. If your children do not wish to meet with you, they must be of “sufficient age and capacity to reason.” At age 16 a child is considered old enough to decide whether he/she wants to visit with you.

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At Burnham Law Group, LLC, we understand that visitation with a loving parent is essential to the healthy development of a child. We also understand that not all parental relationships are beneficial for a child and we can help a custodial parent protect their children. Our team of South Jersey family law attorneys work to protect your rights and the best interests of your children. No matter what the circumstances, we are ready to stand by you from start to finish.

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