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  • When High Net Worth Couples Divorce
    Married couples accumulate a lot of material possessions, even if they have not been together long. Finances can also become intertwined, and the...
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  • Protecting Family Heirlooms During a Divorce
    Family heirlooms usually have sentimental value, and sometimes they have considerable monetary value as well. If you are going through a divorce, your...
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  • How Will Divorce Affect My Business?
    It is not uncommon for former spouses to disagree over a family business. Starting up or taking over a company is hard work,...
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  • Premarital Cohabitation Effect
    Does living together before marriage heighten the risk of a marital breakup and divorce? Many relationship experts believe premarital cohabitation increases the odds...
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  • Money Issues Facing Young Couples
    For young couples, graduating college and embarking on new career paths can be part of the exciting new adventure they share together. Yet,...
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  • Does your Prenuptial Agreement Need an Update?
    Congress recently passed a new tax law with far-reaching ramifications. One of the more controversial aspects of the bill involves tax deductions and...
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