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  • Domestic Violence Against Men
    In the #MeToo era, record numbers of female victims have sought justice for sexual abuse by male aggressors. This is positive progress, but...
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  • What Can I Do If Domestic Abuse Interferes With My Work?
    Domestic violence has repercussions far beyond the home. Statistics show that more than five million women in the United States experience violence at...
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  • How Can I Leave an Abusive Relationship?
    Domestic violence is a serious criminal offense and does not just include physical abuse. Domestic violence and abuse also pertains to emotional and...
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  • How Domestic Violence Effects the Home
    Domestic violence is a hidden and prevalent public health issue affecting Americans of all backgrounds and economic levels. While public awareness and prominent...
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  • Moving with a Child
    After parents are divorced, the parent who has physical custody cannot move out of state with the children without first obtaining permission from...
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  • Obtaining a Restraining Order in New Jersey
    For those who experience the horrific reality of domestic violence, sometimes a restraining order can be lifesaving. While most states grant restraining orders...
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  • Sporting Events Linked to Domestic Violence
    Research suggests that reports of domestic violence against women and children increase during sporting events, and this increase seems to occur whether the...
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  • Domestic Violence and Child Custody
    Victims of domestic violence have unique circumstances to consider when resolving child custody matters. Protecting yourself and your children is of the utmost...
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  • Four Types of Domestic Abuse
    Women are not the only victims of domestic violence. In fact, more 12 million men and women are abused every year, according to...
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  • Does the House Have to Be Sold?
    When couples divorce, there are many issues that must be worked out. One of the questions we get asked the most is, “Does...
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  • Domestic Violence Case Dismissals
    Have you filed a domestic violence case against an abusive partner in New Jersey, only to have your case dismissed by the court?...
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  • Can a Final Restraining Order Be Dismissed in New Jersey?
    Carfagno Hearing A Final Restraining Order (FRO) can be dismissed in New Jersey. The Defendant (person against whom the retaining order was entered)...
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