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  • Holiday Visitation Schedules for Divorced Parents
    Holiday visitation schedules are often a source of unfortunate disputes between separated and divorced parents. Families that once enjoyed holiday activities and traditions...
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  • Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer for the New Jersey Mediation Process?
    Couples undergoing a divorce in New Jersey may be surprised to hear that they are expected to undergo mediation. Many times, they assume...
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  • Divorce Pretrial Hearings
    After divorce has been initiated by one spouse, and the other has answered their divorce petition, couples have the option to settle their...
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  • The Mediation Process
    Going through the process of divorce can be quite costly, not only on your financial resources, but also on your time and emotions....
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  • Mediation Fact and Fiction
     Mediation in divorce is the process of hiring a neutral third-party, known as a mediator, to try and resolve issues. It has become...
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  • Child Custody and Mediation
    Child custody conflicts are among the most stressful and potentially damaging aspects of a divorce for everyone involved – but is there an...
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  • Benefits of Divorce Mediation – Infographic
    Divorce can be a complicated and stressful experience for couples and their family, but it does not have to be. Divorce mediation allows...
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  • Equitable Distribution in New Jersey
    Couples choosing to divorce must determine how to settle the distribution of property and other assets in a way that satisfies both spouses...
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  • Mediation vs. Litigation
    In New Jersey, mediation is a required first step to resolve child custody and financial issues before divorce litigation can begin. However, some...
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  • Protecting Kids in Divorce Mediation
    For parents preparing to divorce, maintaining a positive relationship with a co-parent is extremely important for the well-being of children. In fact, children’s...
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