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  • How Long Does a Divorce Take in New Jersey?
    Ending a marriage can often go two ways: mutually and honestly or uncompromising and difficult. Afterall, leaving an unhappy marriage is stressful for...
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  • How are Stock Awards Divided in a Divorce?
    Divorce tends to be an emotional and stressful experience, accompanied by important tasks, such as the distribution of assets. Spouses divide assets such...
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  • When High Net Worth Couples Divorce
    Married couples accumulate a lot of material possessions, even if they have not been together long. Finances can also become intertwined, and the...
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  • Filing for Divorce Before Your Spouse
    Failing marriages tend to be emotional, and may lead to spouses feeling burnt out, confused, and upset. For many couples, it may be...
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  • Grounds for Divorce in New Jersey
    Relationships are never easy and often, divorce may be the best decision for an unhealthy marriage. When you file paperwork in New Jersey...
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  • No-Fault Versus Fault-Based Divorce
    Separating partners that decide to divorce, but are unfamiliar with the proceedings, may be unaware of the options available to them. There is...
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  • Custody of College Savings
    For most couples, saving for the future education of their children is an important consideration. Couples do not contemplate splitting up and deciding...
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  • Can I Keep My Pension After Divorce?
    Marriage is a commitment born out of love, but it is also an economic contract. Long after the romance has fizzled out, real...
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  • Why Reside in The Same House During the Divorce Process?
    Going through the divorce process is never easy. In fact, with emotions running high and important issues at stake, it can often prove...
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  • Equitable Distribution in New Jersey
    Couples choosing to divorce must determine how to settle the distribution of property and other assets in a way that satisfies both spouses...
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  • Forensic Accounting and High Asset Divorce
    Every couple going through a divorce must go through the distribution of assets and debt. For many couples, this process is straightforward. There...
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  • Does the House Have to Be Sold?
    When couples divorce, there are many issues that must be worked out. One of the questions we get asked the most is, “Does...
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  • Divorce and the Distribution of Assets
    Throughout the divorce process, couples will have opportunities to work with their spouse to split property between themselves without court intervention. However, if...
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