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Impact of Divorce on Your Children in College

South Jersey divorce lawyers support families whose college children are impacted by divorce.Parents divorcing can have tremendously adverse effects on their children if not handled properly. Regardless of their age, a divorce can have long lasting effects on your children’s lives; your children are always developing and growing, even when they go to college. When a marriage is failing, some parents make the decision to stay together for their children and decide to divorce once the children have left the nest. Studies have shown that when a child goes to college, they are going through a highly influenced and developmental stage in their lives and receiving the news of their parent’s divorce can stunt this growth.

The family dynamic drastically changes when a child leaves home for college.  Every member of the family must make adjustments when a child leaves the house; parents cope with empty nest syndrome and the college-aged child is dealing with living on their own, meeting new people, maintaining good grades, and taking on new responsibilities. According to the Association of American Colleges and Universities, a person in their college years develops their identity. If their parents decide to divorce during this time of critical development, it may negatively impact them their entire life.

Female Students

The negative impact that comes with a divorce is increased among female college students, according to studies published in the Journal of Divorce and Remarriage.  After examining children of divorced parents after age five, research shows that there is a clear adverse impact on women than men, even more so when comparing college-aged women to men. The research also found that it is the father-daughter relationship that is impacted the most; college-aged women report that they feel a stronger separation from their fathers than mothers.  Studies also show that children of divorced parents have stronger feelings of guilt and anger toward their fathers than children of non-divorced parents.

It is important to understand, for both parents and children, that drastic changes in the family and home dynamic is hard on everyone. No matter the age, children will always look to their parents when they lose the stability they once knew. This can be seen from toddlers learning to walk, to teenagers learning to drive, to college-aged children living on their own. Filing for divorce during this important stage of your child’s life can only have negative consequences.

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