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Maximizing Your Work Performance During Divorce

South Jersey divorce lawyers help clients with their work performance during divorce.Most people are aware that going through a divorce is a major life event. In fact, psychologists and physicians consider divorce to be one of the most stressful life events for adults, along with death, job loss, and serious illness, among others. When divorcing, it is critical to find productive ways to manage the associated anxiety and upheaval. The emotions involved in a significant life change can take both a physical and mental toll. Yet, life’s other responsibilities compete for emotional time and energy during a divorce, so managing priorities is key.

Ways to Keep Focused at Work

Divorce is not only a major emotional event, but it can also be time consuming. Dealing with financial and property decisions, child custody matters, and legal discussions with attorneys take up time, often by necessity during the workday.

One of the first tips for keeping work and divorce matters separate is to limit the time spent on divorce matters while at work. While there may be occasions that these matters are time-sensitive, it is important to limit availability. Setting specific times to check personal divorce-related emails and calls is reasonable and minimizes the psychological stress of being constantly distracted from work duties. Communicating this with your lawyer is also important and should include scheduling times to talk in advance.

Divorce is a personal and private matter. While it is necessary to share this life change information with relevant colleagues, such as the human resources department or an immediate manager, limiting the details shared with coworkers also keeps your mind on work. Having a support network of friends and family through the ups and downs of the divorce process is helpful and keeps those in the workplace from serving as the sounding board. While those at work are naturally concerned, you may prefer to limit the people you tell. It is helpful to have a plan or simple statement if needed to share with coworkers and professional contacts.

Keeping yourself occupied is also a useful method in any stressful life situation. Work can be a successful distraction, and many find the routine of daily work to be a welcome break from time at home that may be consumed with negotiating divorce to-dos.

Finally, it never hurts to take a break. Recognize those times during the workday when you are experiencing feelings that make it impossible to concentrate. Step aside, take a walk, take deep breaths, call a friend, and practice selfcare. A simple walk around the block is a time-honored stress reliever that can help you clear the mind and get back to concentrating on the rest of the workday. If you are undergoing a divorce, always consult with an experienced South Jersey divorce lawyer.

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