US Women’s Soccer Team Agrees to Mediation with Soccer Federation

US Women’s Soccer Team Agrees to Mediation with Soccer FederationAfter filing a gender discrimination suit against the Soccer Federation in March, the US Women’s Soccer Team agreed to enter mediation. In the suit, the team alleged that they received less pay and poor treatment despite their World Cup win and status as Olympic champions. They will enter mediation which will involve meeting in person and presenting each side to a mediator who will make recommendations. If they come to an equally desirable resolution, they will avoid court, but if an agreement cannot be reached, the litigation will remain on the table. Unsuccessful attempts at mediation occurred before this time.

Mediation instead of litigation involves discussing the issues between both parties in person and in private. A mediator will oversee the meeting and make recommendations to resolve the legal issues presented. It is a way to avoid a trial, but only works if both parties are amenable to a resolution.

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