Recent Posts in May 2019

  • Divorce Pretrial Hearings
    After divorce has been initiated by one spouse, and the other has answered their divorce petition, couples have the option to settle their...
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  • Teenagers and Divorce
    Divorce is never easy for children, and it is even more difficult for teenagers. When parents end their marriage, it is common for...
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  • Child Custody and Substance Abuse
    New Jersey family courts make decisions based on what is in the best interest of the child. A parent with a known drug...
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  • Alimony in New Jersey
    There is no set formula for receiving alimony in the state of New Jersey. However, recent amendments to the state’s alimony statute seem...
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  • Relocating with Children After Divorce
    At least one parent, if not both, expect to move after a divorce. Typically, that means getting an apartment or smaller home a...
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