Recent Posts in April 2019

  • Adopting Stepchildren
    Adopting stepchildren, or stepparent adoption, occurs when a stepparent takes over the legal responsibilities in place of that child’s noncustodial parent. In a...
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  • How Older Children Deal with Parental Divorce
    Although divorce rates nationwide have declined, divorces among couples married for decades seem to be gathering momentum. Known as gray divorces, the couple...
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  • Compensation for Unused Vacation Time
    One of the key issues surrounding termination of employment due to layoffs, company closures, restructuring, or for the conduct of an employee is...
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  • Physical vs. Legal Child Custody
    When parents separate or divorce, it is essential to maintain consistency in terms of how their children are raised. Rather than putting their...
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  • Preparing for Summer Child Care When Divorced
    As the end of the school year approaches, parents are beginning to make their summer child care arrangements. Kids may go to a...
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  • When High Net Worth Couples Divorce
    Married couples accumulate a lot of material possessions, even if they have not been together long. Finances can also become intertwined, and the...
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  • Filing for Divorce Before Your Spouse
    Failing marriages tend to be emotional, and may lead to spouses feeling burnt out, confused, and upset. For many couples, it may be...
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  • Rebuilding Your Credit After a Divorce
    Many divorcing individuals anticipate some of the tougher emotional, social, and physical aspects of divorce proceedings. Still, they can be blindsided by one...
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