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Recent Posts in March 2019

  • Common Reasons for Divorce – Infographic
    While no couple gets married expecting their marriage to fail, when couples feel like they have given it their all but cannot resolve...
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  • Grounds for Divorce in New Jersey
    Relationships are never easy and often, divorce may be the best decision for an unhealthy marriage. When you file paperwork in New Jersey...
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  • The Mediation Process
    Going through the process of divorce can be quite costly, not only on your financial resources, but also on your time and emotions....
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  • No-Fault Versus Fault-Based Divorce
    Separating partners that decide to divorce, but are unfamiliar with the proceedings, may be unaware of the options available to them. There is...
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  • Limitations on Child Custody Arrangements from Restraining Orders
    Divorce proceedings can involve children deciding which parent has primary custody and visitation rights. However, if a parent feels danger of an imminent...
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  • How Domestic Violence Effects the Home
    Domestic violence is a hidden and prevalent public health issue affecting Americans of all backgrounds and economic levels. While public awareness and prominent...
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  • NJ Appeals Court Rules Against Pfizer
    Clicking an electronic button in an employee training document does not count as agreeing to waive one’s right to sue, according to a...
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  • US Women’s Soccer Team Files Gender Discrimination Suit
    The US Women’s Soccer Team filed a gender discrimination suit against the US Soccer Federation on Friday in district court in California. The...
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  • Mediation Fact and Fiction
     Mediation in divorce is the process of hiring a neutral third-party, known as a mediator, to try and resolve issues. It has become...
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  • Disabled Parents and Child Custody
    A disabled parent seeking child custody faces additional barriers but is entitled under the law to equal treatment. For any disabled parent in...
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  • Emancipation Explained
    In most states, parents and legal guardians are responsible for their child’s well-being up to age 18 or 19. This includes ensuring the child...
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