Philip S. Burnham Stands Up for Plaintiffs in Atlantic County Prosecutor Lawsuit

See the video of the January 10, 2019 Press Conference.

In January, partner Philip S. Burnham filed a lawsuit in Superior Court on behalf of three high-ranking, long-serving women employees of the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office (ACPO). The lawsuit accuses Damon G. Tyner, Atlantic County Prosecutor, of retaliation against the three female employees after they “blew the whistle” on his discriminatory tactics, including unequal pay, gender discrimination, and other unlawful conduct. Philip is representing the women in partnership with Michelle Douglass of the Douglass Law Group.

The plaintiffs will bring their lawsuit against Tyner and other defendants for the retaliation claim under the New Jersey Civil Rights Act; and for the discrimination, harassment, and retaliation claims under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination.

Through this lawsuit, Philip will work tirelessly to give voice to these women who have been silenced. He believes their mission will bring these egregious allegations to light, and that this lawsuit will give the people of Atlantic County a very clear idea of the kind of tainted leadership their tax dollars are paying for.

The plaintiffs’ more-than ninety-page complaint lists a wide range of factual allegations against Tyner and other defendants. These include:

  • Dismissing a criminal prosecution against someone with close political ties to the Atlantic City Democratic Party
  • Firing ACPO employees so he could hire his brother, paying his brother approximately 67 percent more in salary that other employees in that position
  • Giving a $20,000 raise to his brother’s friend
  • Provided a lower starting salary to women than to men
  • Demoting a number of high-ranking women, while not demoting any high-ranking men whatsoever
  • Giving the son of a prominent Atlantic City attorney, also a donor to one of his political campaigns, an internship with a $50,000 salary
  • Promoting the daughter of his wife’s boss
  • Engaging in conduct designed to harass, embarrass, and humiliate two of the plaintiffs after learning they were aware of alleged mortgage fraud on the part of Tyner
  • Covering up complaints of gender discrimination and sexual harassment, never reporting those complaints to the appropriate Atlantic County lawyers and legal staff
  • Speaking in a demeaning way about women in general
  • Much more

When the three plaintiffs spoke out against Tyner, they were, at various times, demoted, denied advancement opportunities, denied pay increases, and more. Furthermore, ACPO employees were allegedly told not to seek guidance from the plaintiffs, or to exclude them from communications about matters that concerned them.

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