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Making the Most of Shared Custody Visits

South Jersey child custody lawyers help with all types of child custody issues.It is not easy making your weekend with the children a memorable time. Certain parents, unsure of what to do, may place the children in front of the television and order pizza for dinner. Other parents might plan a major activity, such as a trip to an amusement park, that takes up the entire weekend, but leaves no time for conversation. Experts say a more meaningful weekend is possible, where you can show your love and learn what is going on with your children.

Actions for Quality Time

The following are ways to involve your children in simple, daily activities and how to share quality time with your children:

Attend to household chores before the children arrive. Your children do not want to enter your home and find it in chaos. Clean up your home before they arrive, so that they feel welcomed.

Go easy on the chores. Assigning tasks to your children may feel burdensome to them. They may resent it, and your time together will be wasted.

Plan out your meals. Check out a new restaurant in town or find new recipes for a family dinner. Cooking together is a great bonding activity.

Have a back-up plan. If the planned activity is rained out or canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, set up puzzles and board games or create a new game to play.

Involve the children when deciding what to do. You do not want your children to think they are chained to your schedule. Offer them choices and allow them to propose new ideas.

Occasional Opportunities

All these ideas are good for a two or three-day window. Unless your parenting plan prevents it, there are other opportunities to be with your children and cultivate an amicable relationship with your ex-spouse.

You may be unable to do all these things, but doing one of the following examples can make a big difference to you and to your child:

Watch the children while your former spouse is out. No rule says you cannot be helpful this way. You can be with your children and save the money that you would pay for a babysitter.

Involve yourself in their after-school activities. Coaching soccer or another sport that your child is involved in is easy. You can offer to make pickups and drop-offs for events or you can be an adult chaperone on a class trip. Make sure you coordinate with your former spouse first. At the minimum, be on hand for everything your child is involved in, such as plays, concerts, school carnivals, and birthdays.

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