Recent Posts in December 2018

  • Snow Days and Child Custody
    School snow days present scheduling issues for working parents. Bad weather can cause schools to cancel or close early; buses stop running, and...
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  • Going Back to Work After Divorce
    One outcome of getting divorced is realizing you are on your own and must pay your own way in your new life, in...
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  • Premarital Cohabitation Effect
    Does living together before marriage heighten the risk of a marital breakup and divorce? Many relationship experts believe premarital cohabitation increases the odds...
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  • Tips for Healthy Co-parenting this Holiday Season
    The first holiday season after a divorce can be especially painful for parents who are no longer celebrating as a couple. Memories of...
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  • NJ Employment Wage Issues
    There is nothing worse than having to work on a holiday – except not being compensated more for it. Holidays are generally considered...
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  • Child Support After Inheritance
    The purpose of child support is to ensure that the children of a divorcing couple are not financially penalized due to the separation...
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  • Why Reside in The Same House During the Divorce Process?
    Going through the divorce process is never easy. In fact, with emotions running high and important issues at stake, it can often prove...
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