Recent Posts in October 2018

  • Money Issues Facing Young Couples
    For young couples, graduating college and embarking on new career paths can be part of the exciting new adventure they share together. Yet,...
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  • Moving with a Child
    After parents are divorced, the parent who has physical custody cannot move out of state with the children without first obtaining permission from...
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  • Video Game Cited for Divorce
    The video game, Fortnite, has been cited as a reason for divorce in at least 200 petitions this year, according to an online...
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  • Emancipation and Child Support
    When minors become emancipated, they are legally free from the control of parents of guardians. Conversely, parents are no longer responsible for emancipated...
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  • Handling Halloween After Divorce
    It does not matter whether the divorce was amicable or contentious, holidays can be tough after divorce. When it comes to Halloween, most...
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  • Obtaining a Restraining Order in New Jersey
    For those who experience the horrific reality of domestic violence, sometimes a restraining order can be lifesaving. While most states grant restraining orders...
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  • Sporting Events Linked to Domestic Violence
    Research suggests that reports of domestic violence against women and children increase during sporting events, and this increase seems to occur whether the...
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  • How Child Support is Calculated
    The calculation of child support is an important part of any divorce settlement.  Determining the amount of financial support a parent will be...
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