Recent Posts in September 2018

  • Alimony Modifications in New Jersey
    Not every divorce will result in a support order; however, spousal support, commonly referred to as alimony, may be awarded to a divorcing...
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  • Domestic Violence and Child Custody
    Victims of domestic violence have unique circumstances to consider when resolving child custody matters. Protecting yourself and your children is of the utmost...
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  • How to Break the News About Your Divorce
    When we marry, it is said that not only do we marry the person with whom we will be legally wed, but that...
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  • Shared vs. Joint Custody
    When we think about the words “shared” and “joint,” we often think of them as meaning the same thing; in fact we often...
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  • Four Types of Domestic Abuse
    Women are not the only victims of domestic violence. In fact, more 12 million men and women are abused every year, according to...
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  • Does the House Have to Be Sold?
    When couples divorce, there are many issues that must be worked out. One of the questions we get asked the most is, “Does...
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