Recent Posts in August 2018

  • Knowing When it is Time to Divorce
    Couples go through many major decisions in a marriage such as, opening joint accounts, buying a house, and having children. Another decision that...
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  • Collecting Back Child Support
    Few situations produce more anger and frustration in custodial parents than the other parent’s failure to pay court-ordered child support. Fortunately, federal and...
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  • When Stepparents Pay Child Support
    Although it is very rare that a stepparent is court ordered to pay child support for their step children, it does happen. It...
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  • Back to School Co-Parenting
    As summer starts to wind down, many divorced parents are beginning to prepare for the start of a new school year. A return...
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  • Tips for Going Back to School after Divorce
    For many men and women, life after divorce is all about change. That often means a change of careers. For spouses who dropped...
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  • Changing Your Name After Divorce
    After a divorce, some partners opt to retain the last name of their former spouse when children are involved. Some people do not...
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  • Dating After Divorce
    There are many theories about dating after divorce, and some even suggest that those going through a particularly difficult divorce may need one...
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  • Grandparent Rights
    Custody issues in divorce are often harmful for the children involved. While divorce raises custody questions between the parents, there are others involved...
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  • Helping Children Manage the Divorce Transition
    Many studies suggest that divorce is correlated to student impediments in school.  Children of divorce are withdrawn, dependent, distracted, dejected, and exhibit less...
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  • Divorce and the Distribution of Assets
    Throughout the divorce process, couples will have opportunities to work with their spouse to split property between themselves without court intervention. However, if...
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