Recent Posts in June 2018

  • Does your Prenuptial Agreement Need an Update?
    Congress recently passed a new tax law with far-reaching ramifications. One of the more controversial aspects of the bill involves tax deductions and...
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  • Surrogacy in New Jersey
    For New Jersey couples interested in starting their families through a surrogate, things just because easier. In late May, New Jersey Governor Phil...
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  • Divorce and Your In-Laws
    For many married people, our in-laws are family that we have grown to love just as much as our own relatives. In fact,...
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  • Protecting Kids in Divorce Mediation
    For parents preparing to divorce, maintaining a positive relationship with a co-parent is extremely important for the well-being of children. In fact, children’s...
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  • LGBT Children and Child Custody Issues
    Child custody disagreements tend to crop up when differences in ex-spouses’ parenting styles and philosophies become more apparent after divorce. When one household...
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  • Do I Need a Lawyer for Child Support?
    Child support issues can be contentious during divorce proceedings. For many divorcing parents, the decision whether to hire a lawyer to work out...
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  • Common Divorce Mistakes You Can Avoid
    When families undergo a life changing event such as a divorce, individuals can feel a wide range of emotions including anxiety, depression, anger...
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