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After a divorce has been finalized, sometimes circumstances change and the agreement needs to be modified. You will also want to strategize for the long run, and possibly do so with the help of a divorce lawyer. Even with professionals working out the most difficult details with you, however, no one can see perfectly into the future. Unexpected consequences can and do happen to all of us, and your situation might change completely without warning.

When life comes at you faster than expected, you might need to modify divorce and family law dispute resolutions to relieve yourself of undue stress. When this is the case, we encourage you to come to Burnham Law Group, LLC. Our South Jersey family law attorneys are ready and willing to help you make sense of this confusing time. Contact us today.

What Can Be Modified?

Modifications are meant to be used to make your life easier, or rebalance an agreement that has gotten to be one-sided since its establishment. For the most part, they are utilized after a divorce to address some of the biggest concerns regarding the dissolution of a marriage. To put it simply, any ongoing legal matter that was created during a divorce might be subject to modification.

Some of the most commonly modified aspects of a divorce agreement include:

How Can Items Be Modified?

Modifications are powerful tools to adjust pre-established agreements. Due to their ability to directly affect people’s lives and finances, they cannot be used on a whim. Instead, a judge must approve any modifications requested, and they will only do so if proper reasoning is presented.

When creating a modification request, you will normally have to cite a major life event or financial change, such as:

  • Remarrying
  • Job loss
  • Necessary relocation for employment
  • Serious illness or injury
  • Criminal activity

As many of the valid reasons for a modification involve financial trouble, child support or alimony agreements are the most commonly modified.

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Do you need to make changes now that life has thrown you a curveball? Do not feel ashamed, embarrassed, or hesitant to take action. If you believe altering a divorce agreement can improve your wellbeing, you need to pursue your legal options and discover what can be done, and Burham Law Group, LLC can help.

On the other side of the coin, our South Jersey divorce attorneys can represent you if your ex-spouse is proposing an unfair or unjust modification that you believe will cause you and your family harm. No matter what is going on, we genuinely want to be the ones to see you through to an amicable solution. Contact our team today and we can start finding peace of mind for you.

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